Bench Warrant Lawyer in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Bench Warrant Lawyer

You just got pulled over, and you think the worst part will be paying a citation or maybe doing traffic school. Imagine your surprise when the officer cuffs you and takes you downtown for having an outstanding warrant. It happens countless times every day here in Los Angeles – people learn there is a bench warrant with their name on it when they get stopped by the police or have a background check done on them by a prospective employer. It’s time to call Los Angeles bench warrant lawyer Anita Patel to take charge of the matter.

What is the difference between bench warrants and arrest warrants in Los Angeles?

There are two types of warrants – bench warrants are they type described above. The judge issued a warrant for your arrest, perhaps for your failure to appear in court, you got stopped, and now you can be arrested. The other type is an arrest warrant which means law enforcement is actively looking for you. More specifically, they will come to your house, your place of work, or any other location they have reason to believe you might be. Law enforcement comes at all hours of the night and often won’t listen to pleas to avoid your children from witnessing the act. If you have an arrest warrant, you can most likely negotiate your own surrender. Again, you should contact Los Angeles warrant lawyer Anita Patel at (213) 787-6191 or (818) 478-5893 for a free consultation.

One likely scenario for having a warrant out for your arrest is that you forgot to pay a traffic ticket, the district lawyer issued a Notice To Appear and you have the bad luck of never receiving it because of a change of address. Now the judge can issue a bench warrant. Now it’s also time to call Los Angeles bench warrant lawyer Anita Patel to give you the guidance you need to resolve the matter.

What if I ignore my bench warrant or don’t know if know if I have one in Los Angeles?

As with any criminal matter, the issue does not simply disappear or get overlooked by the Court. In fact, more and more employers and lenders do background checks that query your criminal record, and you may first learn about a warrant when you get turned down for a job. Contact Los Angeles bench and arrest warrant lawyer Anita Patel to start dealing with the matter and putting it behind you.

As a former prosecutor, Ms. Patel has probably handled dozens of cases just like yours both in and out of the courtroom. She knows how defend your rights because she has worked both sides of the process. For instance, arrest warrants require probable cause (PC), and in some cases, law enforcement over-stepped their boundaries as set forth in the Fourth Amendment, thereby creating grounds for dismissal or exclusion.

Perhaps you were on probation and completed your community service but never submitted proof. A warrant can be issued for your arrest, and you may be thinking you satisfied the terms of your probation. You need Los Angeles bench warrant Lawyer Anita Patel to help defend your rights before your probation is revoked. The longer you take to address your bench warrant, the fewer options you’ll have later.

Los Angeles bench warrant lawyer Anita Patel will give you the advice you need to hear, not just the best case scenario. Chances are this is a very stressful time of your life, and many criminal defense lawyers take advantage of this fact and tell you only what you want to hear. Los Angeles bench warrant Lawyer Anita Patel knows the full range of outcomes and the best strategies to get you the most favorable outcome.

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