Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyer

All couple occasionally fight, but when the spat gets physical, the cops will eventually get called. Police are trained to take all domestic violence calls very seriously, and if they see evidence of injury, someone has to get in the car for a trip to booking. Typically, this is felony domestic violence, and it’s a charge that can turn your life inside out. As a former prosecutor, domestic violence lawyer Anita Patel has seen countless Domestic Violence charges and knows how to get you the best resolution for your case.

Do I need to hire a domestic violence lawyer?

Innocent people sometimes take the blame on domestic violence charges. There are all types of ulterior reasons why a domestic partner makes false allegations against the other – jealousy, a contentious child custody case, or simply an accusation made in the heat of the moment. In other instances, the person taken into custody might have been acting in self-defense but sustained fewer bruises than the accuser. Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer Anita Patel can help you start building your defense today.

In California, most violent crimes are considered a “strike” under the “3-Strikes Law”; moreover, if you’ve done time in a penitentiary, there could be “enhancements” to your punishment.

Here in Los Angeles, police and prosecutors are funded specifically to reduce the incidence of domestic violence (DV), and as a result, they have developed aggressive measures to build cases .Whereas the police once had wide discretion in making arrests on domestic violence calls, law enforcement now has a strict protocol which requires arrests in there is any evidence of foul play on the person of either of the disputants. Typically, whoever has the bruise or the torn clothes gets to stay and the other person takes a ride in the cruiser. If that person is you, call Los Angeles domestic violence Lawyer Anita Patel at for a free case evaluation.

How does a Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer prepare my defense?

The first step in building your defense is to have an investigator interview both you and, if possible, the alleged victim, as well as any witnesses. Often the dust has to settle before people can make dispassionate assessments of the case.

Once charges are filed, the decision to drop those charges don’t belong to the alleged victim. It becomes the role of the prosecutor to decide how to proceed. Even prior to trial, you may be forced to leave your house, prevented from seeing your kids, and in some cases, terminated from a job, all before you even get to see a judge. If you are being accused of domestic violence, call Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer Anita Patel to get the ball rolling.

Most jurisdictions have units set up in the prosecutor’s office specifically for domestic violence cases. Some courtrooms hear nothing but these cases, and if you are up on domestic violence charges, you can expect to be ordered to stay away from the alleged victim which likely means you have to move out. Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer Anita Patel will do everything to avoid 1) charges being filed, 2) a court trial, and 3) jail time, but in the event you are convicted, you can expect minimally extensive counseling as well as the loss of the right to own a firearm.

A capable domestic violencelawyer will go to any measure to prevent such an outcome, since the first task of defense counsel is to avoid charges being filed. Call Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer Anita Patel at (818) 478-5893 or (213) 787-6191 to get the process started immediately.

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