Los Angeles Drug Crimes Lawyer

Whether you got arrested for possession or intent to sell, you need to talk to a qualified Drug Crimes Lawyer as soon as possible. California has the dubious distinction of leading the country in Drug Crimes prosecution, and no doubt the zealousness of law enforcement is well-intended, though there are many innocent victims in the war on drugs. As a former prosecutor who has handled countless drug cases, Los Angeles Drug Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel knows how these cases are made against defendants and, as a result, how to fight them.

Do I need a drug crimes lawyer to represent me?

Often times it is a youthful mistake that leads to some very bad choices. It’s no mystery that drug use clouds rational thought, and sometimes this leads to an arrest. For first time offenders, the best outcome is a hard lesson learned, and Los Angeles Drug Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel has several cases like that under “Testimonials” page that you can read about. Other times, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the arresting officers aren’t interested in your story. While California law enforcement has become very aggressive with respect to drugs, there are “diversion” programs intended to keep some offenders from jail and instead get into counseling.

What determines the specific charge against you? Several factors namely the type of drug, amount, intent of the defendant to distribute the drug, and the criminal record of the defendant. Keep in mind if you are arrested for possession of some narcotics intended only for personal use, you could still be facing felony charges. All the prosecutor has to do is show “intent” to sell. Without adequate representation, you may be painted into a corner to look like a drug dealer when in fact you were the end user, not the supply chain. Call Los Angeles Drug Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel at (818) 478-5893 or (213) 787-6191 for a free case evaluation.

How can a drug crimes lawyer fight my case?

Drug cases are often built on suspect evidence, contrived from informants or entrapped evidence. An experienced Drug Crimes Lawyer knows when the evidence will not withstand close scrutiny, and Los Angeles Drug Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel has spent twelve years evaluating police evidence used to establish possession and intent-to-sell cases. She knows what is solid and what is suspicious, what is entrapment and what Constitutional.

The bad news is the punishments are often severe – incarceration, loss of property, heavy fines, and lengthy probations. The good news is that Los Angeles Drug Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel has probably seen several cases just like yours, so she already has an idea how to prepare an aggressive defense. Don’t wait. Call the Law Offices of Anita Patel now.

As with any charge, the sooner you can take action on your own behalf to prevent charges from being filed or having a case dismissed, the better. If you had a problem with your Toyota, you don’t go to the Honda dealership – similarly, if you are facing a drug crime charge, you don’t find just any criminal defense lawyer. You get one that knows how to attack the case against you, who understands evidence, and is a powerful negotiator. Call Los Angeles Drug Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel at (213) 787-6191 or (818)478-5893, and you will know immediately you have made the right choice.

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