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Can I get rid of a criminal conviction?

If you’ve been arrested, you probably have a criminal record, regardless of whether you were convicted or not. Perhaps you just recently found out that in fact you do have a criminal record when you got turned down for a job. In today’s world, your reputation plays a large role in some of the biggest moments of your life. Here in Los Angeles, thousands of people every day learn that they didn’t get hired because they have a criminal record they never knew existed. The process of having the slate wiped clean is called “expungement,” and it is often the difference between getting what you want and getting turned down for it. To get the process started, you need a Los Angeles expungement lawyer to have your records sealed or destroyed.

How does an expungement lawyer start the process?

The expungement process starts by figuring out the appropriate type of relief. It is important that you speak with a lawyer that knows how to deal with the expungement process. The kind of expungement that is applicable to you will depend on if you were an adult or juvenile when convicted, whether you went to prison or jail or put on probation, and if you were convicted for a felony or a misdemeanor.

For instance, Los AngelesExpungement Lawyer Anita Patel knows how to have your guilty pleas withdrawn, have felonies reduced to misdemeanors, get all charges dismissed, or maybe have your juvenile record sealed. When it comes to background checks by prospective employers, any one of these remedies could be difference for you. Review the testimonials for Los Angeles Expungement Lawyer Anita Patel and see some of the outcomes in which she was able to help some of her clients rebound from past mistakes.

What does an Expungement Lawyer do for me?

Once retained by you, Ms. Patel will draft an expungememt motion which asks the Court to take specific action. If you were convicted, this motion has to be filed at the courthouse where you received your sentencing. A compelling argument needs to convince the Court that justice would be best served by expunging your record. Perhaps there were mitigating circumstances that never came to light at the trial, or perhaps you are now leading a responsible life with no criminal charges pending and simply need an Order of Expungement to get on with your life. This is most often the case, and a good expungement lawyer can help get the ball rolling to put your prior conviction behind you. Take action. Call Los Angeles Expungement lawyer Anita Patel to start wiping the slate clean.

When done correctly, expungement can bring closure on what was hopefully a learning experience. Most clients are simply looking for a chance to put past mistakes behind them. They got caught, perhaps made restitution, and paid their debt to society.Now they need a loan or a job or something else that requires a background check. Get a Los Angelesexpungement lawyer to start looking at your options.

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