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If a judge orders you to appear in court, it is a requirement, not a request. Failure To Appear (FTA) for any court proceeding can result in a bench warrant for your arrest, and so can failure to pay a fine. Bench warrants give law enforcement the right to immediately arrest you and take you into custody, and it can result in harsher penalties than you might otherwise face.

Have You Recently Missed A Court Date?

Missing a court date is not like missing a doctor’s appointment. You don’t get a warning or a note or a second chance. You get a bench warrant. Do yourself a favor and show up on time, dressed conservatively, and with a humble disposition. However, if you miss your court date, there are remedies available, but you have to deal with them. As much as we might hope our warrants get lost in the system, they don’t.

If a bench warrant has been issued in your name because of your failure to appear, it’s usually only a matter of time before the police have the occasion to scan your license plate and pull you over. Any encounter with the police, though, is likely to end in your arrest. By that time, your options narrow and the costs start going up.

As a prosecutor for Ventura and Madera Counties, San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Anita Patel routinely handled failure to appear cases. With these twelve years of trial experience prosecuting failure to appear cases, Anita Patel knows how to represent FTA defendants.

Do I Need To Hire A San Fernando Valley DefenseAttorney?

Whether warrant was been issued because you forgot to appear in court or didn’t pay your fine in a timely manner, the Law Offices of Anita Patel can help you. At the Law Offices of Anita Patel, we stand up for the rights of people charged with criminal offenses, and we are ready to put our knowledge and experience to help you fight your failure to appear charge.

Even a warrant that is twenty years old could come back and lead to your arrest. There is no “statute of limitations” since you are considered a fugitive from the law if you have outstanding warrants. Failure To Appear can impact immigration status and preclude you from earning a visa. Many court records are online and can appear at any time. You need failure to appear Attorney Anita Patel on your side to address the matter.

The good news with these cases is that the underlying evidence against you from the original charge may be weak or non-existent. It is possible in these cases for us to clear the warrant, and get the original charge dismissed. The opportunity to be free and clear of this cloud requires some initiative, though, so pick up the phone and call criminal defense attorney Anita Patel.

While you may think you have a good reason for missing your court date, the Court does not see it that way. When dealing with the courts in California, you substantially improve your chances for success with acapable attorney representing you. Call Failure to Appear Attorney Anita Patel today at (818) 498-5873.

Don’t let something manageable like Failure To Appear sneak up on you when you least expect it. Face it, and take control of the situation. For more information, call Failure To Appear Attorney Anita Patel at 818-478-5893 to schedule a consultation.

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