Los Angeles Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

Has your child been accused of a crime?

When we are young, we make mistakes. Sometimes our parents or teachers set us straight and other times law enforcement gets involved. We want the best for our children, and we would never allow them to escape punishment, but we don’t want them to carry a double burden of a criminal record into adulthood. If your child has been arrested, call Los Angeles Juvenile Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel to start assessing your options.

The law recognizes that people under the age of 18 don’t always have the experience or reasoning to make the best decisions. Moreover, peer pressure has a bigger impact on this age group than at any other time in our lives. Perhaps you are the parent of an impressionable child who was in the wrong place with the wrong crowd. By consulting with Los Angeles Juvenile Crime Lawyer Anita Patel, your son or daughter has the chance to learn from this mistake without it having a long-term impact on their criminal record.

What can I expect with a juvenile crime case?

The pre-filing period is the most significant stage in the process because that is time between when your child is arrested or cited and when the case goes to a prosecutor. Once it is with the prosecutor, you have fewer options. During pre-filing it is imperative that you contact a lawyer to intervene immediately with law enforcement. Don’t try to do the talking yourself, as police are collecting evidence every time they speak with you. Los Angeles Juvenile Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel was once a prosecutor and knows how law enforcement operates. They are not your friends when you are under investigation.

If your case gets to court, you still have options and juvenile law allows for some cases – even felony matters – to be dismissed by the judge. The Court will require “informal supervision” of your child usually lasting up to a year before actually dismissing the case. While each case is different, Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyer Anita Patel will work diligently for informal supervision and dismissal.

You should not expect that your son or daughter will receive lenience by virtue of their age. In Los Angeles, juvenile courts have additional layers of complexity in their rules and procedures which can add to your anxiety level. Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyer Anita Patel takes the time to explain these rules and procedures and where your child’s case falls with respect to them.

Given the stakes, Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyer Anita Patelworks aggressively to dismiss all charges, suppress inadmissible evidence, and negotiate with law enforcement and prosecution for a favorable outcome.

Specifically, juvenile crimes are typically divided into two categories:

Status offenses – these areoffenses that are illegal because of the minor’s age, such as drinking alcohol or driving without a license.

Delinquency crimes – these are offenses which are crimes for everyone no matter the age of the offender.

A juvenile judge or commissioner decides guilt or innocence as well as the sentence, which typically includes payment for damages and probation but may also include sentencing to juvenile hall. Don’t let it get to this stage. Consult with Los Angeles Juvenile Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel to get the experience of a prosecutor who now defends youth facing the justice system.

As with any criminal matter, the sooner you retain counsel, the better your chances. Call Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyer Anita Patel today for a free consultation at (213) 787-6191 or (818)478-5783.

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