Los Angeles Parole and Probation Violation Lawyer

Parole and probation programs are both designed to keep offenders out of jail, but in return, those same offenders are expected to keep up their end of the bargain. If you don’t, you could be facing additional fines or a longer incarceration. To protect your freedom, call Los Angeles parole and probation violation lawyer Anita Patel.

Perhaps you were convicted of a crime but did not complete the terms of your probation. For instance, you didn’t complete your community service or report in as demanded by the Court. You are in danger of additional penalties on top of your original sentence. At a minimum, you are very likely looking at revocation of probation unless you find competent criminal defense attorney to act on your behalf.These kinds of probation violations can often be successfully handled by Los Angeles Parole and Probation Violation Defense Lawyer Anita Patel because she spent twelve years of her practice on the other side of the process – as a prosecutor who was responsible for enforcing terms of parole and probation.

A convicted individual who meets certain benchmarks in terms of time served and good behavior is eligible for parole which includes a release before the full term of the sentence. As long as the parolee meets the terms of this arrangement, they can re-enter society, but as soon as they, for instance, fail to report their activities to a parole officer or don’t pass a drug screen, they stand to lose their freedom. They may then serve the balance of their sentence, pending a hearing. If this is the case, call Los Angeles Parole and Probation Violation Lawyer Anita Patel to help prepare for your hearing.

Do I need to hire Probation or Parole Violation Lawyer?

Maybe you were convicted but the judge noticed your young age or the fact that this was your first offense. That judge may then elect to “suspend sentencing” which in effect gives you a second chance, though with no wiggle room for error. If you fail to perform on the Court’s order, the suspension will be lifted and you will serve the full punishment. Often times, there are mitigating circumstances that the Court needs to know about. Witnesses who can support your claims are critical. Should you retain Los Angeles Parole and Probation Violation Lawyer Anita Patel, getting their statements will be the first task. In addition to witness statements, Ms. Patel will make motions,collect additional evidence on your behalf and negotiate a deal prior to your hearing.

The good news is that Los Angeles Parole and Probation Violation Lawyer Anita Patel has probably handled dozens of cases just like yours. Before starting her criminal defense practice, Ms. Patel worked in Ventura and Madera Counties where she worked on parole and probation violations in and out of the courtroom. This type of experience can often be the difference maker – Los Angeles Probation and Parole Violation Lawyer Anita Patel knows what makes a good defense and how prosecutors respond to pleas.

Sometimes violations can’t be disproved. In those cases, Ms. Patel will aggressively work on your behalf to reduce the penalties. Sometimes you have demonstrable reasons for breaking the terms of parole or probation. In those cases, Ms. Patel will work tirelessly to defend your rights.

As with any criminal matter, the problem does not go away. Failure to check in on parole or probation is not like missing a dentist appointment. Take action now and move on with your life. Call Los Angeles Parole and Probation Violation Lawyer Anita Patel at (213) 787-6191 or (818) 478-5783.

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