Los Angeles Driving On A Suspended License Lawyer

You look in your rearview mirror and realize you’re being pulled over. Your heart starts racing, and you start imagining going to traffic school to handle the citation. The big shock comes when the officer doesn’t reach for his pad of citations but pulls out the cuffs! Even though you may not have even known it, your license was suspended and now you’re going in for Driving OnA Suspended License (DSDL).Now instead of just traffic school, you’re wondering if you’re going to serve time for Driving On A Suspended License. You need to call Los Angeles Driving On a Suspended License Lawyer Anita Patel at (213) 787-6191 or (818) 478-5893.

There are many reasons your license may be suspended in the state of California, ranging from driving while impaired to failure to obey a court order. Chances are you overlooked the suspension, but in effect, you ignored a DMV administrative decision or an order from the Court. Either knowingly or not, you took a chance and got caught.

Do I need to hire a Driving On a Suspended License Lawyer

Just because you have a license in your wallet does not mean you can drive. Even if you simply failed to pay a speeding ticket, you may have lost the legal right to operate a motor vehicle; you are violating Vehicle Code 14601 which carries with it incarceration, steep fines, and probation. If you lost your license as a result of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), the punishments are enhanced. Call Los Angeles Driving On a Suspended License Lawyer Anita Patel for a free case evaluation today.

There are mitigating circumstances that a capable Driving On A Suspended License lawyer will explore with you. For instance, some drivers never receive their notice of suspension or have been involved in mistaken identity with someone with the same name who truly is on a suspended license. When you work with the Law Offices of Anita Patel, you get the services of someone who knows all the issues of your Driving On A Suspended License case. More importantly, she understands how the prosecution works, so she knows how best to make your case for a lesser charge or complete dismissal.

Los Angeles Driving On A Suspended Lawyer Anita Patel knows how necessary a car is in Southern California – some people lose jobs without this privilege! Take action, don’t bury your head. If you know your license is suspended, deal with it now because it is not like a mark on your credit report that falls off in seven years. Before becoming a defense lawyer, Anita Patel was a prosecutor who handled hundreds of Driving On A Suspended License cases over a twelve year period. She has probably seen several cases identical to yours.

What are some possible ways to win my driving on a suspended license case?

Whatever the particulars of your case, the prosecution has to prove three things to get a conviction against you. The need to prove that you were in fact the driver of the car, that your license was not valid, and that you knew your license was not valid. Most successful defenses attack this last point since in many cases, drivers have no clue they are in violation of Vehicle Code 14601. To discuss your particular case, call Los Angeles Driving On A Suspended License Lawyer Anita Patel at (213) 787-6191 or (818) 478-5893 today.

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