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Good people make bad choices every day. In Los Angeles, all types of theft crimes are up – from petty theft to embezzlement. The most common theft is shoplifting, and more often than not, this crime is committed by juveniles. In many instances, theft crimes are associated with drug crimes. Though this may feel like the lowest point of your life, there are more options than you realize. As a former prosecutor of twelve years, Theft Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel knows what those options. Don’t plead guilty. Protect your freedom and call her today for a free case evaluation.

There are numerous types of theft, from identity theft to petty theft to robbery. The charge depends on many factors including the value of the property stolen, the intent of the accused, and the use of weapons. Particularly in Los Angeles, there are increasing numbers of thefts in which the perpetrators use deception, for instance saying they are someone they are not. This is fraud and requires significant expertise in criminal law to adequately defend. The Law Offices of Anita Patel takes these and all other types of ‘white collar” theft crimes cases.

What can I expect from a theft crimes lawyer?

Typically, the best outcome is to prevent charges from even being filed, and for this to happen, victims need to be “made whole” which means the offender has to repay whatever was stolen. At the Law Offices of Anita Patel, we have successfully negotiated these types of cases for several clients. Please read our testimonials at to learn of how many theft crimes clients were successfully served by Theft Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel.

Even if you were literally caught red-handed, the choices you make from here forward can have a significant impact on your future. For instance, can the police prove you went into the store with the intent of stealing or was this an impulsive mistake that even surprised yourself? The distinction can have a significant impact on your future.

Do I have to hire a theft crimes lawyer?

You can always have a public defender represent you, but keep in mind they are over-worked and most likely will not be able to give you the attention you need to have the most favorable outcome. Moreover, there are many exigencies to theft crimes. For instance, as with any crime of moral turpitude, the outcome can impact your immigration status.

Don’t bury your head, take action. Call Theft Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel to start building your defense. When you speak with a criminal defense lawyer, ask them lots of questions and find out if a) you trust this person, and b) if you feel confident having them representing you. Right now you are under tremendous stress and many criminal defense lawyers take advantage of this fact by telling you the best scenario. Theft Crimes Lawyer Anita Patel gives you the full range of possible outcomes and how to best develop your defense.

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